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Eyeball Suck is a zine/comic written by Andrew Lips (UK).


Eyeball Suck 1 Travel tales, visiting graveyards.

Eyeball Suck 2 Issues 1 and 2 were later compiled into one issue.

Eyeball Suck 3 Includes a comic about Michael Jackson, a crazy adventure and other sad tales.

Eyeball Suck 4 Includes how Batman and Robin really met, being friendless, cross-dressing and mispent youth.

Eyeball Suck 5 Andrew's 2010 year. Comes with a free CD of 24 songs.

""Eyeball Suck 6"" TBA. Comes with a free CD of 14 songs.


Eyeball Suck follows the biographical life of Andrew Lips. There is a following theme of self-loathing and self-doubt written in a humorous style. Common themes are travelling, sex, gender and death.


In 2010, popstar Kate Nash blogged about issue 3 of Eyeball Suck. *Blog link

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