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{{Infobox writer =
{{Infobox writer
| title(s)            = Evolution of a Race Riot, Race Riot
| title(s)            = Evolution of a Race Riot, Race Riot
| creator(s)    = Mimi Thi Nguyen
| creator(s)    = Mimi Thi Nguyen

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Evolution of a Race Riot were two compilation zines and a third reference zine listing projects, zines, and resources for people of color who were/are involved in punk rock and punk culture. Race Riots are also considered legacy zines.

Compiled by Mimi Nguyen, these zines were thick and contained writings from a diverse roster of activists, writers and artists who addressed issues of racism in punk culture, invisibility, class issues, and the ever popular (and offensive) "I don't see you as (asian/black/latino/etc.)."

While this is no longer published, it is a crucial and critical document for POC involved in the subcultural terrain of DIY publishing, music, art, and culture. There has been nothing comparable since this was compiled and published.