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Evermist was a fanzine devoted to fantasy and weird fiction published by David Richard Warren.

Evermist was published in LaBelle, Florida, U.S.A.

Contributors of poetry included David Bailey, William R. Barrow, Neal R. Blaikie, John Alan Little, John Thiel, and David Warren.

Contributors of fiction included Ken Hahn (Jeet), J.T. McDaniel, William Monaghan, Gary Rober Muschla, Eric Storm, David R. Warren, and Marjorie Warren.

Articles and essays included a biography of [[H.P. Lovecraft by Dirk Mosig (The Miskatonic), and reviews by David Warren.

Contributions of art work were by Rick Harrison, Sabrina Jarema, John Alan Little, Michael Littlejohn, David Parsons, and David Vosburgh.