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Evasion book


Evasion came into the world as a 106 page full-size photocopied zine. With under fifty copies made by the author, the zine was destined for obscurity until rescued from a stack of zines in someone's bathroom by a band in the midst of their summer tour. Copies were made and given to friends, and so on and so forth, and now, a few years later, there are about 2,000 copies in existence (that's our best guess at least)—circulated entirely by the will to share an amazing and inspiring text with friends.

Evasion was later turned into a book, published by Crimethinc. There were plans for a second book.

The author, known only as Mack, also wrote columns for HeartattaCk. As well, HeartattaCk #39 features an interview with Mack where he replies to criticisms of his zine, ironically "controversial" in the political punk scene.

Recently, the author of Drugs and Daydreams has announced a new zine, A Riotous Disarray, featuring an interview with Mack. The interview is available at least in part, and perhaps in whole, on the Drugs and Daydreams website.

Evasion's topics focus mainly on adventures, avoiding employment, scams, etc. through a first person narrative.

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