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Ethan Clark is a zinester who lived in New Orleans and then Asheville. He wrote the zine Chihuahua and Pitbull, A Little Guide to Truing Bike Wheels and the books Stories Care Forgot:An Anthology of New Orleans Zines and Learning with Intent to Fall.

Stories Care Forgot

Stories Care Forgot: An Anthology Of New Orleans Zines was zine compilation book that was editied by Ethan Clark. The book contains in their original format selections from 20 zines including: Chainbreaker, Nosedive, Crude Noise, Rocket Queen, Emergency, I Hate This Part of Texas and Chihuahua and Pitbull, as well as author introductions about their experiences during and after Hurricane Katrina. Proceeds from Stories Care Forgot were to be split amongst grassroots New Orleans groups. Before Hurricane Katrina, Clark had left New Orleans and had moved to Asheville. During the storm many of the originals of these zines were lost and destroyed but Clark had taken with him copies of the zines which enabled him to put the book together.

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