Epos: A Quarterly of Poetry

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Epos: A Quarterly of Poetry is a small press publication or "little magazine" devoted to poetry edited by Evelyn Thorne and Will Tullos and published by New Athenaeum Press.

The first issue of Epos appeared in Fall 1949, published in Lake Como, Florida U.S.A. It was published until the 1970s. The 25th Anniversary issue, Vol. 26, No. 2, was published in 1975.

Contributors included Richard Brautigan, Joseph Payne Brennan (Macabre), Charles Bukowski, Stanton A. Coblentz (Wings), Joseph Cohen, Isabelle Cox, August Derluth, Frank Finale, Suzanne Gross, Colette Inez, Will Inman, Jack Lindeman, Lilith Lorraine ( Challenge, Different, Flame), Ralph Luce, Anne E. Marshall, John McEvoy, Alden Nowlan, Donald J. Paquette, Marge Piercy, Clark Ashton Smith, Ray Smith, John Tagliabue, Harvey Tucker, Michael Wolf, and Harriet Zinnes.

Artists contributing included Charles Bukowski, Neil Thomas, Ben Tibbs, Bethell Wilkinson.

One 'extra' issue of Epos was devoted to the poems and drawings of Charles Bukowski, entitled Poems and Drawings, released in 1962.