Epitaph for my heart

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Epitaph for my hear #1-3

Epitaph for my heart (c2007-) is a cut-and-paste perzine by amandapandajapanese, a Sydney, NSW, Australia based zinester.


  • No.1: The first issue is subtitled 'A survival guide to being social'. The author introduced this zine as follows:

"Do you find it difficult to say hello to acquaintances? Do you break into a cold sweat over small talk? Do you dread parties with people you don’t know? Is eye contact for more than a minute more than you can handle. Then welcome to the land of the socially inept. Make a cup of tea, sit down and hopefully learn a few hard earned tips on the hows, whens and whys of making your way through this hopelessly social world."


  • amandapandajapanese@gmail.com

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