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Entremettrum Issue One

Entremettrum was a narrative and illustrative zine in Catalan produced in Girona. It started in a very local and friendly distribution with only 20 or 30 copies, not more than that. In the third number the zine got some help from l'Estació Jove (a Young office were you can receive some help) and started to grow in copies and places like comic shops, libraries and city centers. The time publishing between a number and another has been increasing from one number to another, till the last number about Pits, which mean the end of the fanzine. The number contained some nudes, thing that didn't like to the Young office so they decided stop the collaboration.

You can find some numbers of this zine in the archive of Fanzinoteca Ambulant. Entremettrum is a D.I.Y. zine.

Entremettrum publications

    • 1. Entremettrum
      • Autors: Fortuna, Skepnof, Ester, Marçal i Isnel.
    • 2. Terror / Terror
      • Autors: Fortuna, Toxicman, Narcís, Isnel, Ester, Vit, Marçal, Lia i Skepnof.
    • 3. Corbates / Ties'Bold text'
      • Fortuna, Toxicman, Saladin, Isaac, Marçal i Skepnof.
    • 4. Noves Tecnologíes / New Technologies
      • Fortuna, Toxicman, Sete, Saladin, Endika, Ester, Skepnof i Ring.
    • 5. Drogues / Drugs
      • Fortuna Toxicman, Raistilin i Skepnof.
    • 6. Arees de servei / Service Areas
      • Toxicman, Fortuna, Skepnof i Jaqueline.
    • 7. Dadà / Dada
      • Fortuna, Toxicman i Ring.
    • 8. Insectes / Insects
      • Fortuna, Toxicman, Clark Ken, Mr.Frankie i Raistilin.
    • 9. Pits / Tits
      • Fortuna, Toxicman, Assfeis, Clark Ken, Mr.Frankie, Peter Gorman, Mestressa, Sanchez, Delicious Ass, Cristina Martín i Trace.


  • entremettrum@gmail.com

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