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Energumen Issue 13 cover by Grant Canfield 1972

Energumen is a science fiction fanzine produced by Mike Glicksohn and Susan Wood.

Published in Toronto, On., Canada, the first issue appeared in 1970. Fifteen issues were released. Attention was paid to the layout, presentation and art work for the fanzine as well as the excellent writing, which made it exceptional.

Contributing artists include Alpajpuri, Terry Austin, Randy Bathurst, Bonnie Bergstrom, Gregg Davidson, Phil Foglio, Jack Gaughan, Alexis Gillilandz, Joan Hanke-Woods, Jay Kinney, Tim Kirk, Bill Kunkel, Sandra Miesel, Bill Rotsler, Dan Steffan, and James Shull.

Covers were done by George Barr, Grant Canfield, Tim Kirk, and Steve Fabian.

The contributors most commonly associated with Energumen are artists Alice Austin and Grant Canfield, writers Derek Carter, Angus Taylor, Rosemany Ullyot, and the editors.

Also featured were John Bangsund, Terry Carry, Joe Haldeman, David Langford (Ansible), Margaret Hamer, Patrick Neilson Hayden, Bob Shaw, Mae Strelkov, Bob Toomey, Harry Warner, Jr., Ted White and Gene Wolfe.

Alicia Austin won the Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist in 1971; Energumen won the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine in 1973 and Susan Wood, who was also publishing Aspidistra at the same time, won for Best Fan Writer in 1974.

A special "11th Anniversary Issue" was released by Mike Glicksohn in 1981 as a memorial to Susan Wood, who died in 1980 while they had been planning the issue.

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