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Enarrare was a Queensland media science fiction fanzine by Kathryn Anderson, Annie Hamilton, and Linda Mitchell.

Enarrare was begun in 1986 and was published till 2000. During that time 18 issues were released.

Contributors of writing included Kathryn Anderson, R.J. Anderson, Douglas Cummings, Ana Dorfstad, Jenny Hayward, Bryn Lantry, David Leighton, Marie Logan, Christine Maxwell, Danny Murphy, Kim Owens, Linda Short, Sue Spencer, Catherine Steward, David Tully, Andrew Williams, and Jack Wyngard.

Poetry was by Kathryn Anderson, Annie Hamilton, Katie Jennings, and Kellie Matthews-Simmons.

Contributors of artwork included Kathryn Anderson, David Cameron, Bernice Cuffe, Sonya van den Ende, Annie Hamilton, Michelle Hanrahan, Maria Letters, Karen McDonald, Bruce Mitchell, Kate Perrett, and Jason Webb.

Issues 10 and 11 are entirely written by editor Annie Hamilton, and issue 11 is a full length novel, Part III of "The Parameters of Peace". Issue 14 was edited by Linda Mitchell with the assistance of Jenny Dodd, Carol Burgess and Karen McDonald, and includes "The Parameters of Peace", Parts IV and V. Issue 15 included "The Parameters of Peace" Part VI. Issue 16 is also a novel, a continuation of a previous issue: with the conclusion of "The Parameters of Peace".

Enarrare includes fan fiction related to the television programs Blake's 7, Doctor Who, Sapphire & Steel, Space: Above and Beyond, Space: 1999, Tomorrow People, UFO, The X Files.

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