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Emerson Dameron

Emerson Dameron (born June 16, 1978) is a zinester and columnist. Since 2003, he has lived in Chicago, Illinois and changed his address frequently.

Dameron co-founded the Chicago Underground Library with Nell Taylor in February 2006.


Emerson Dameron was born in June of 1978 in Nebo, NC. Dameron made his first zine at the age of seven, although he did not know the term.

He has also lived in Asheville, NC and Athens, GA. He holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Georgia.

His early favorite was Crank zine, written by Jeff Koyen.

Dameron's first published works came in 1996-97, in the NC zines C and gANK, followed by his first professional writing appearing in 1999, for the Athens, GA alt-weekly Flagpole.

Since 2001, he has contributed reviews to Zine World: A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press. He began publishing Wherewithal in 2004. In February 2006, Dameron co-founded the Chicago Underground Library. In May 2006, he performed as part of the Perpetual Motion Roadshow.


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