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Edward Bolman was born in New Haven, Connecticut. He is the grandson of Edward Pickering Parker, president of Parker Brothers.

His early comic work includes contributions to "Giant Size Mini Comics," "Ultra Klutz," "Small Press Comics Explosion," "Slam Bang," "The Boho Brothers' Alphabet Soup Kitchen," "Truth Be Known," "Not My Small Diary," and many others.

He attended Northern Arizona University. With his wife, radio personality Cat Noel, he edited and published 25 issues of "The White Buffalo Gazette," the journal of the Obscuro art movement. They also published six issues of a humor magazine, "Gorilla Cookies," which never had a circulation of more than a few dozen, but gained a slight claim to fame by being prominently displayed in the 'zine store in the motion picture, "Ghost World."

He has recently contributed to an all cover issue of "The White Buffalo Gazette," "The Keeler News," and "The Spork of Menace."

Edward and Cat completed the first two issues of a comic book series, "Rock and Roll Death Wagon," which is scheduled to be published by the Fanatic Press. It was created under duress, as documented on the television series, "Wife Swap."

A full length issue of the simple and wacky "Noble Head Funnies" is in preparation.

He keeps a pug dog and a Norwegian Forest Cat.