Ebon Lute

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Ebon Lute
Issue 1 1976

Ebon Lute is a literary horror fantasy fanzine by G. Sutton Breiding.

Ebon Lute was published in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. in the 1970s.

The first issue appeared in 1976. It featured contributions of writing from Karma Beck, G. Sutton Breiding, William Breiding (Star Fire), Karla Burke, William A. Conder, Mary Elizabeth Counselman, Dale C. Donaldson (Moonbroth), Michael Fantina, David Madison, Steve Porter, Walter Shedlofsky (Inner Circle), Donald Sidney-fryer (writing on Clark Ashton Smith), Aljo Svoboda, Denis Tiani, Gary Warne (writing on William Hope Hodgson), and Billy Wolfenbarger.

Contributions of art work were from John R. Benson, Harry Clark, Harry O. Morris (Nyctalops), David C. Smith, Claudia Suen, and Denis Tiani.

Issue two appeared in Summer 1977. Contributors of writing included Mark Anspack, Karma Beck, G. Sutton Breiding, William A. Conder, Mary Elizabeth Counselman, Dale C. Donaldson, Michael Fantina, David Madison, Aljo Svoboda, Neal Wilgus, and Billy Wolfenbarger. Also included was work by Charles P. Baudelaire, and Clark Ashton Smith.

The front cover for Issue two was by Denis Tiani. Illustrations were by Harry O. Morris and Claudia Suen, with reproductions of work by Albrecht Durer.

G. Sutton Breiding went on to publish The Punk-Surrealist Cafe in the 1980s.