Easily Grossed Out

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Easily Grossed Out is a zine by Gwenael Rattke.

Published in the 1990's, this was a queer, hardcore punk zine. It was a multilingual zine, with articles in four different languages. The zine was published from various cities during its run, including Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. and Berlin, Germany. It was one of the zine selected for inclusion in the anthology of queer zines that made up issue six of Outpunk.

In one piece for the zine, editor Gwenael Rattke writes about the difficulty of not fitting in to any one scene. He writes, "I just wish people would realize that there's more than one way to be queer, and stop pressuring through the gay media to conform to some yuppie stereotype ideal whatever." He concludes, "It's important to stay true to one's self and not conform when pressurized, whether this pressure comes from other homos, the punx, parents, government, school, etc...We just gotta make sure not to shut up and make our voices heard."

Easily Grossed Out also contained interviews with bands such as Capitalist Casualties, Christ on a Crutch, and Kill.