Earwig Flesh Factory

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Earwig Flesh factory is a fiction quarterly by Carlton Mellick III and William Simmons.

Earwig Flesh Factory is published by Eraserhead Press which was based in Fountain Hills, Arizona, U.S.A . and has been described as "dark surrealism and bizarre horror fiction".

The second issue, released Spring 2000, includes work by M.W. Anderson, Cullen Bunn, Hertzan Chimera, Brendan Connell, Sandra Fritz, Richard Gavin, Michael Kelly, D.F. Lewis, Simon Logan, Tony Mileman, Sahne Ryan Staley, and James Visconi. Cover art was by Carlton Mellick III.

The third and fourth issue, issued by William Simmons alone, released as a double issue in Fall/Winter 2000, included Forrest Aquirre, Gary Archambault, Donna Taylor Burgess (The Blue Lady), Richard Gavin, Sarah Jacobs, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, D.F. Lewis, Simon Logan, Ronald Damien Malfi, David McKee, Tony Mileman, Kurt Newton, Ward Parker, Patricia Russo, Kaaron Warren, William John Watkins.

Dragon's Breath website says it is, "Grim & weird stuff with some excel bizarre illos."