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Omelet reviews are a new form of self-expression that we created out of simple fun while exploring rural Idaho on Sunday mornings. We sit in a café and take the time to ponder the omelet selection on the menu. We talk about the significance of the name of the restaurant, the décor, and the facial expressions of the customers. We consider how our omelet experience relates to the headlines in the newspaper that day or to whatever else is happening in our own little worlds.

The result is mostly social and political commentary with a few travel tidbits and at least some mention of an omelet. We can compare our omelet reviews to historical romance novel. Eighty percent of Gone with the Wind is about droplets of perspiration and heaving bosoms, and actual events comprise approximately 20% of the story. Our omelet reviews are 20% about the omelet, and the rest is about romance.

We have just published our first omelet review zine entitled “You Can’t Hide an Elephant in an Omelet”. 17 S.E. Asia omelet reviews, color cover, B&W photos inside. Check out this link for further information: