Drugs and Daydreams

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Drugs and Daydreams : 1,169 miles of beaches, new wave and crime... on a fucking bike!!

the premise

the story of two kids who ride bikes from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco, California on an epic trip of looted grocery stores, infiltrated tourist attractions, Pacific coast sunsets and an outlook that is part slash-and-burn anti-capitalism, part naivete and full on devil may care recklessness.

the zine

tired of consumer culture, conventional media and stories where the criminals lose, this is a testament to the times when the antagonist wins. black and white pages, grainy photographs, a document created solely on copy scams, this is a zine of life meeting barriers, and jumping them and running wildly into the unknown beyond. everyone knows it's not the movies that make the best stories, that would be the botched attempt to sneak in.

past distribution

post-bike trip cross-country travels with a sleeping bag, and toothbrush and the weather-beaten zine originals. Free local weekly newspaper vendors spiked, coffee shop kiosks and library shelves infiltrated, stacks left at every book and zine gathering reachable by scammed bus tickets, copies left partially hidden on the floors of hitched rides, all in all a couple thousand copies distributed, not a single one paid for.

external link

[ http://www.drugsanddaydreams.net/zinesdrugs.html Drugs and Daydreams ]