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Drool Beat # 2

Drool Beat was a punk zine published in Paducah, Kentucky in the 1980's.

Drool Beat was a photocopied, cut and paste zine featuring contributors from several states, but was primarily devoted to the punk scene in Kentucky. The zine featured local news about shows, venues, and bands such as Oral Punishment, Drooling Idiots, and Hip Chemists; local record releases; and police harassment of local punks. The contributors included Mitzi Waltz, Brent Starkey, Jason Willis, Ton Shaia, John Yarborough, Jim Trimble, Robert Melton, Russell Walker, R. K. Sloan, Ramona Essex, Kenny Martin and Kim Lamb.

Featured articles in Drool Beat #2 are interviews with the local band Drunk Drivers and the Colorado group Anti Scrunti Faction (A.S.F.). There are also reviews of shows in Kentucky, Kansas and Atlanta, and record and zine reviews. The zine also features illustrations and comics by Kenny Martin, Ramona Essex, who has contributed a X-Rated detournement of Archie Comics featuring Betty and Veronica, and R. K. Sloan, who did the cover logo, among other illustrations.