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Doppelganger was a small press literary publication by Ronny P. Kaye.

Doppelganger was published in the 1980's. it featured fiction, poetry, editorials, articles, art work, and reviews. At least 4 issues appeared under the editorship of Kaye, before he handed them over to John M. Benson and Anke M. Kriske. In 1988, the couple turned over editorship to Janine Meyers.

The first issue appeared in September 1984. It included the first printing of "Linkage" by Mary Elizabeth Counselman, as well as writing by Anke M. Kriske.. The cover was by S. Fox.

Issue 2 was released in November 1984. It was illustrated by Paul D'Lubac. Fiction and poetry was by Gil Gordon, Walter Jarvis, Walter Shedlofsky (Inner Circle), and J.N. Williamson. Featured was the regular colomn, "Morbid History & Practice" by John M. Benson and Anke M. Kriske. Letters came from Jessica Amanda Salmonson (Fantasy Macabre), among others.

Issue 3 appeared in February 1985, and was illustrated by Mandana Parsazad. It contained work by John M. Benson, Stephen Briody, Erskine Carter, John Del Gaizo, Aishe Eshe, M.E. Etienne, Gregory Fitzgerald, Nancy Gervais, Anke M. Kriske, Jeff Johnston, and Walter Shedlofsky. Letters came from Mary Elizabeth Counselman.

Issue 4 was published June 1985, and was illustrated by Allen Kowzowski. Contributions came from John M. Benson, Jeffrey Bullock, Thomas Burchfield, Dan Crawford, Aishe Eshe, Alys Hopwood, Anke M. Kriske, Walter Shedlofsky, Delia Shiflet, Kiel Stuart, Trisha Sunhom, J.N. Williamson, Joanne E. Winters, and Ken Wisman.