Do not look at the sun

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Do Not Look at the Sun is a Paris based litzine.

Set up in 2009 by two friends with time on their hands and a budget of anything they could plunder from work, such as an old printer/ scanner and a ream of paper, the first issue was made and left sitting on stools and under seat cushions in cafés and bars around Paris for anyone to pick up. Since then, copies have been left indiscriminately throughout the city- from seats on the metro to park benches- as well as obliging bookshops. It has since spread to London.

Each issue is a collection of short stories and poems, as well as notes, thoughts, diary entries and other words that have no place elsewhere. Words that have no business in literary journals or arts reviews, but words that nevertheless deserve to be heard: One-line poems, streams of thoughts and lucid dreams that have no outlet anywhere other than the pages of people’s personal notebooks. It is ‘misfit lit’.

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