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Dissension was started in December 2007 by Angie Bowen. It ranges in topics from feminism, veganism, anarchism, and general activism. Both versions contain quite a bit of art as well as some poetry and music. Highly inspired by the Riot Grrrl scene, the Dissension zine is heavily feminist.


Issue 1: Half Page Format - 18 pages - $1.50 ($2.00 if outside US) or trade In this issue: An introduction to me and the zine; A feminist's view of pornography; Panic attacks - A walkthrough; Anti-feminist bingo; Art - Line Art, Bee Society, Geishas, Art and Meaning; The connection between veganism, feminism, environmentalism, and anarchy

Issue 2: Half Page Format - 22 pages - $1.50 ($2.00 if outside US) or trade In this issue: Body Hair; Riot Grrl’s Effect on my Body Image; Eating Disorders; Menstruation and Shame; Body Acceptance Art - The Original Women Series; Veganism and Body Image; The Human Variation Project



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