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Dinky Bird was a science fiction fanzine by Ruth Berman.

Dinky Bird was published in Minnesota, U.S.A. in the 1960's. It was distributed quarterly by Spectator Amateur Press Society. Twenty-six issues were published, beginning with issues 1 to 4 in 1962, issues 5 to 8 in 1963, issue 9 to 12 in 1964, issues 13 to 18 appearing in 1965, issues 17 to 20 in 1966, issues 21 to 24 in 1967, and issue 25 and 26 in 1968.

Issue 9, published January 1964, features the article "Which All Sapient people Know", Ruth Berman's comments on Baker's "A Concordance to Lord of the Rings".

Issue 11, published in July 1964, featured the article "The Role of Reviewer and Editor in Science Fiction", by Anthony Boucher.