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Issue 8 June 1975
Cover art by Plato Jones

Dilemma was a science fiction fanzine by Jackie Franke.

Published in Beecher, Illinois, U.S.A., beginning in the early 1970s, at least 14 issues were released.

Issues #1 to #4 were published in 1973; Issue 5 appeared in April 1974, #6 in August 1974, @7 in March 1975, #8 in June 1975, #9 in September 1975, #10 in December 1975, #11 in April 1976 , # 12 in June 1976. Issue #13 appeared in 1976 and issue #14 in 1977.

Contributors of art work included Plato Jones, among others.

Eric Meyers recalls this fanzine in E-Ditto #1 from January 2011; "DILEMMA was the simplest of zines. Editor and sole contributor Jackie Caugrove chatted about her life and tossed in a few of her own hand stenciled illos. There were letters from readers. And that was it. I was enthralled."

Immediately after Dilemma, Jackie Franke went on to publish the title Resolution from 1977 till 1980.