Cygnus Alpha

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Cygnus Alpha
Issue 5 1981
Cover art by Graham Bleathman

Cygnus Alpha was a media science fiction fanzine published by Paul West.

First appearing in the 1980s from the UK, 12 issues were released during this run. Cygnus Alpha was revived by Simon Brett, Lee Rawlings, and Paul Griffin in the 2010s.

The main focus of the fanzine in the 1980s was the television series Doctor Who, but writing about other material also appeared, including an interview with comic artist Ron Tiner in issue 7, and writing a about Blakes 7, The Prisoner, Judge Dredd and Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy, and the films of Brian de Palma.

Contributors of writing include Paul Cornell, and Paul West, among others.

Contributors of artwork included Graham Bleathman (covers for #5, and #6), Anthony Challenger (cover for #9), and Ron Tiner (covers for #4, and #7), among others. Contributors of photographs included Sue Bradley. Interviews with Rex Robinson were included.

Cygnus Alpha was revived by Simon Brett, Lee Rawlings, and Paul Griffin, with the first issue of the new run coming out in 2013.

Contributors of art work to the revived edition include Simon Brett, Simon Breeze, Anastasia Catris, and Paul Griffin, among others.

Contributors of writing include John Davies, Tony Eccles, Tony Jones, Rolo Paloma, Lee Rawlings, George Sik, and original editor Paul West, among others. Short fiction is by J.R. Southall.

Interviews with director Tony Virgo are featured, and included are articles on Gerry Anderson, Peter Cushing, and Captain Scarlet.