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*[ Leishman. "Point and Click to 'Cutnpaste'." ''M/C Reviews'' 4 June 1999]
*[ Leishman. "Point and Click to 'Cutnpaste'." ''M/C Reviews'' 4 June 1999]
[[Category:Event]] [[Category:Australian Events]] [[Category:Zine Tour]]
[[Category:Event]] [[Category:Australian Events]] [[Category:Zine Tour]] [[Category:Exhibition]]

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Cutnpaste: a selection of Australian self-publishing was an exhibition of Australian zines, comics and ezines that toured Australian eastern states between January and July 1999. The exhibition was coordinated by Jane Curtis and designed by Lisa Burnett, with the exhibition website and ezine component designed by Jude Robinson and Damien Frost.

A 67 page catalogue, designed by Jude Robinson, was published by Youth Arts Queensland to accompany the exhibition.

Exhibition venues

  • Bundaberg Arts Centre, Queensland, 2-16 January
  • The Lab, Townsville, Queensland, 20-30 January
  • Macquarie Regional Library, Dubbo, New South Wales, 5-18 February
  • Newcastle Regional Museum, New South Wales, 24 February-20 March
  • Queensland State Library, Brisbane, 26 March-30 April
  • Well Connected Internet Café, Sydney, New South Wales, 7-20 May
  • The Binary Bar, Melbourne, Victoria, 24 May-5 June
  • The Old Courthouse, Geelong, Victoria, 9-19 June
  • Youth Arc, Hobart, Tasmania, 23 June-3 July

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