Cunt Fear

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Cunt Fear was a punk zine published by Star Whore.

Published in San Jose, CA, the first issue appeared in 1994. Cunt Fear was a vehicle for Star Whore to publish the photographs of punk bands she had taken at shows. Bands appearing included Bikini Kill, U.S. Bombs, Exene, Assfort, Tribe 8, Stone Fox, Joan Jett, Lunachicks, 7 Year Bitch, Debbie Harry, Cypher in the Snow and Boss Hog. Also included were reviews of shows, interviews with such luminaries as G.B. Jones, and editorials about various events in the life of Star Whore.

Cunt Fear ceased publishing in 1999 at which time a new zine emerged called Oblivious Nation by a new, more mature editor, who now called herself Miss Oblivious.