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Cruisin Central is a novel by Charlotte Webb about 50-60's era teens growing up in Phoenix, Arizona.

"Cruisin Central" is a complex novel that involves a community of characters - mostly teens - in a concentrated environment - a section of Phoenix, Arizona - during the early years of rock 'n' roll - the late 50's through the early 60's.

The music quoted is a vast discography of most aspects of not only rock 'n' roll of the early days of the rock 'n' roll era, but other pop contemporary songs. The music is all over the map, and includes, Buddy Holly, Kingston Trio, Connie Stevens, Chuck Berry, Frankie Avalon, Johnny Horton, Elvis, La Vern Baker, Shirelles, Beach Boys, Marcels, Jimmy Reed, Cookie and the Cupcakes, and many more.


Petey and Watson

'Goin to the river, gonna jump overboard and drown'

I was trying to decide on the method of suicide I would use, because life without Denny wasn't worth living. No one else had ever loved anyone as much as I loved him. But I was not going to give in to him, and risk getting knocked up, and ruin both our lives. Why couldn't they understand?

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