Crude Noise

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Crude Noise was a perzine that was written by Meredith Stern, also known as Merrydeath Stern, and lasted for four issues.

The first issue had a collection of stories, artwork and writings on bikers, STDs and learning to sing. The second issue included a detailed instruction for an effective meeting, an article on sweet feats in the world of cycling and a sneak preview of a novel. The third issue was a split with the zine Nosedive by Icky Apparatus, and was a collection of Merrydeath’s artwork explanations for each piece, and where they were printed. She had a very distinctive style of linocut prints with a lot of textures and detail. The cover of the third issue was a lino print, and Nosedive also contained lino prints. The fourth issue was themed around recovery and collective structures with articles talking about the Nowe Miasto warehouse in New Orleans, Sparklepussy in Pittsburgh, having pets die, her brother getting over a drug addiction, invading an abandoned building, her family history, and some linocut artwork. It had a silkscreened cover.

Crude Noise was one of the zines included on the Mobilivre-Bookmobile travelling library of independent publications tour of North America in 2002.

After writing Crude Noise, Meredith went on to write Mine.