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[[Image:Crowbar.jpg|140px|thumb|right| '''Crowbar''' Issue Forty-Nine]]
'''Crowbar''', subtitled 'Squatting News', is a long running [[zine]] from London, England.  
'''Crowbar''', subtitled 'Squatting News', is a long running [[zine]] from London, England.  

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Crowbar Issue Forty-Nine

Crowbar, subtitled 'Squatting News', is a long running zine from London, England.

Crowbar is a collectively edited and published zine intended to share news among squatters and other interested parties. Al least fifty issues were published of this zine during the 1980's.

Issue 49, released in 1989, features articles on going to Stonehenge for the Soltice; investigation of fascist activites in Britain and how to combat it; herbal abortion facts; Danish squatting; an article on J.D.s and the Homocore movement; "Notes For New Squatters" covers everything from finding a place , dealing with cops, getting into a place, the council, electricity, gas, water, the dole, and miscellaneous hassles; an article entitled "How Charity Keeps The Hungry Starving"; and various articles from squatters in Brixton, Southwark, and East-enders, articles from the newspaper on squatting; guide to what to do when evicted and how to win your case in court; and a list of squatting groups in London.