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==Zines / papers==
==Zines / papers==
* [http://www.crimethinc.com/a/fighting/ Fighting For Our Lives]
* [http://www.crimethinc.com/a/fighting/ Fighting For Our Lives]
* [[Rolling Thunder (zine)|Rolling Thunder]]
* [[Rolling Thunder]]
* A Civilian's Guide to Direct Action
* A Civilian's Guide to Direct Action
* Harbinger
* Harbinger
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==See also==
==See also==
* [[Don't Just Vote, Get Active]]
* [[Don't Just Vote, Get Active]]
* [[Situationist|Situationist Movement]]
* Situationist Movement
==External links==
==External links==

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CrimethInc. poster

CrimethInc., also known by other names, such as CWC ("CrimethInc. ex-Workers' Collective") or Crimethinc, is considered more of a mindset than an organization by the active participants in the ongoing CrimethInc. experiment. They are profoundly anti-capitalist (as well as anti-authoritarian), with critical looks at culture, politics, life, work, and radical ways of living one's life.

It was initially associated with the North American anarcho-punk scene, but since has expanded into nearly all areas of the current anti-capitalist movement. The name itself, however, is a reference to "Crimethink" in George Orwell's 1984.

Among their best-known publications are the books Days of War, Nights of Love, Evasion, Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook and the zines Fighting For Our Lives (of which, to date, they have printed 500,000 copies), A Civilian's Guide To Direct Action, D.I.Y Guide, D.I.Y. Guide II, The Walls Are Alive, Harbinger, the hardcore punk/political zine Inside Front, and the music of several hardcore punk bands, of which the most notable is Catharsis. The group is also connected to other collectives/organizations that share some of their ideas (notably Curious George Brigade which has written a number of publications including Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs). The group also maintains several websites which promote their ideas. They also contribute to zines such as Katarzis.

Their book Days of War, Nights of Love contains a number of purposeful reinterpretaions marked and noted as such; for instance, they identify Italian fascist Gabriele D'Annunzio as an "anarchist" or attribute quotes to famous figures.

CrimethInc. as a loose organization represents a variety of political views. Anyone can publish under the name or create a poster using the logo. Each agent or group of agents operate individually. As well as the traditional anarchist opposition to the state and capitalism, agents have advocated a straight edge lifestyle, including veganism, the total supersession of gender roles, violent insurrection against the state, turning one's life into a series of moments, and the refusal of work.


Zines / papers


  • PickAxe & Breaking The Spell-CrimethInc. Forward Motion Pictures
  • Miami Model-Indymedia.org
  • Why I Love Shoplifting from Big Corporations-SubmediaTV.com
  • Join the Resistance, Fall in Love.-SubmediaTV.com

Music bands

  • Aluminum Noise
  • Blacken the Skies
  • Catharsis
  • Countdown to Putsch
  • Face Down in Shit
  • Ire
  • Newborn
  • Requiem
  • Sandman
  • The Spectacle
  • Timebomb
  • Ümlaut
  • Zegota

See also

External links