Conscious Defect

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Conscious Defect is a zine centered on travel and petty crime written by spydr. The zine started during the summer of 2006. According to spydr, "I was hitch hiking from an on-ramp in Springfield Illinois when my travel partner said I should write a zine about this. So I did."

There are currently six Conscious Defect zines.

After the second one, the series became non-chronological. Often having stories take place during the same time period as in other installations.

All official copies of the zine have been created using copy scams. According to spydr, "I've never paid for any of these zines. And I never will." The zines also remain free for anyone ordering one directly from spydr.

Currently, zines 7, 8, and 9, are simultaneously in the works. spydr comments, "The one I finish first will be number 7. But I don't know when that will happen."