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Conquer Now was a zine edited by the Reverend K. S. Anthony from The War Grotto in San Francisco, Ca., U.S.A. that appeared in the 1990's.

Several issues of this zine devoted to Satanism were released during the decade that it was published. The masthead featured the slogan, "Proudly upholding the standard of the strong".

Issue six features an interview with Magister Michael Rose, reviews, poetry and Satanic physical fitness. Previous issues included quote from the popular comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes," an interview with Michael Jenkins Moynihan of Blood Axis and a widely quoted review of White Nationalist band RAHOWA's "Cult of the Holy War" album.

The last issue--number IX--was published in 1999 by Christopher J. Turner and First Stone Publications in conjunction with Rev. Anthony and declared the noise musician Robert X. Patriot (White Devil Conspiracy) as "Man of the Century." A limited edition (only 23 were made for sale) 4 song CD featuring tracks by White Devil Conspiracy and WARCOM sold out quickly.

A "Best of Conquer Now" edition was also published by First Stone publications in 1999. The magazine was banned by Bound Together Books (an ostensibly "Anarchist" bookstore) in San Francisco and Comic Relief in Berkeley because of "racism" and "fascism." Another "Best of" edition was planned by Kevin I. Slaughter's Predatory Instinct Productions but was never actualized.

Reverend Anthony also wrote a short tract called "The Pseudo Satanists Bible" as well as an introduction to Oswald Spengler's Man and Technics that was published by Predatory Instinct Productions.

K.S. Anthony later had a falling out with the Church of Satan due to personal and philosophical differences and has not been active in The Church of Satan since around 2001.