Colouring Outside The Lines

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Colouring Outside The Lines is a UK zine featuring interviews with contemporary female artists; illuminating various corners of current female artistic and creative activity.

"Here were girls encouraging each other, directly and indirectly, to put their ideas into the world."

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Issue 2

Published in August of 2006, Issue #2 features interviews with: Vanessa Davis, Yoko Kikuchi, Cristy Road, Jean Smith, Colleen Coover, Marion Peck, Nicole Steen, Sarah Dyer, Simone Lia, Alison Bechdel, Penny Van Horn, Renee French, Sarah Utter and artwork by artists from Sweden, UK, France, USA, China, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan and Belgium.

Issue 2 is available at OK Comics & the Manifesta distro.

Issue 3

Issue 3 (May 2007), Features interviews with: Leia Bell, Nicole J Georges, Genevieve Castree, Juliana Luecking, Ozge Samanci, Ellen Forney, Karen Constance, Elena Stoehr, Liz Adams, Erika Moen, Karolina Bang, k8 Hardy, Jen Corace, Phoebe Gloeckner, and Gina Birch. + Cover artwork by: Elke Donders, and Erika Moen. + gallery artwork from artists based in the UK, USA, Iceland, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Australia, Turkey & Poland.

Issue 4

(A4, 60 pages) Includes artwork and interviews from: Rachel Crans, Lizz Lunney, Enid Crow, Meghan Murphy, Sarah Maple, Allyson Melberg, Maya Hayuk,Sara Rahbar,Tara Jane O'Neil and Leonie O'Moore. Cover artwork by: Eliza Lazy/Sarah Maple (front) and SALUTE! (back)



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