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[[Category:Canada Zinesters|Cannibal]]
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Clementine Cannibal is a zinester, musician, and writer living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

She writes the zine Licking Stars Off Ceilings and edits the compzine I Knew a Motherfucker Like You and She Said .... Her interests include "porn, rocknroll, sex with strangers, graffiti, guitars, horror movies, weed, booze, sex education, riot grrrl and meeting other grrrls who are fucked up and proud of it."

Clementine's previous zines include Saliva Girl, Persephone's Passion, and She Breathes.

Contact information

Shoppers World Postal Outlet
3003 Danforth Ave
PO Box 93540
Toronto, ON, Canada
M4C 5R2

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