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Chronicles, edited and published by Susan Smith-Clarke, is a media science fiction fanzine.

Chronicles was first published in the 1980s in Faulconbridge, N.S.W., Australia, and contains short stories based on the television series Blake's 7. Also included i sart work, articles, poetry, reviews, editorials, and letter columns.

Contributors of fiction included Judy Baumann, Sheelagh Buchanan, Sue Bursztynski, Linda Cox Chan, Moira Dahlberg, Ruth Dick-Smith, Fiona Ellem, Cathy Lynn Goodwin, Narrell Harris (Inconsequential Parallax), Edwina Harvey (later editor of The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet), Yvonne S. Hintz, Michelle Kavazos, Linda McCarthy, Shayne McCormack, Abigail Neville, Jenny Phillips, Susan Smith-Clarke, Geoff Tilley, Sheila Tracey, Robin Walker, Nikki White (Multiverse), and Virginia Wurth.

Contributors of non-fiction included Allan Anderson, Peter Brodie, Ron Clarke, Sheila Cougah, Janet Ellicot, Narrell Harris, Linda McCarthy, Val Rogers, Susan Smith-Clarke, Julie Townsend, Julie Vaux, Nikki White, and Bev Wright.

Contributors of art work included Sakura Allison, Randy Ash, Alison Bloomfield, Linda Cox Chan, Ruth Dick-Smith, Fiona Ellem, Lana Fahey, Tracy Hamilton, Kerrie Hanlon, John Humphries, Robert Jan, Terry Jeeves (ERG, The Damned Patrol, Vector), Merridy Johnstone, Michelle Kavazos, Esther Mace, Shayne McCormack, Michael McGann, Abigail Neville, Tricia Osterwald, Steven Pacey, Gayle Rogers, Geoff Tilley, and Rosemary Woodhouse.

Covers were by Alison Bloomfield, Lana Brown, Shayne McCormack, Michael McGann, and Patricia Ostwald.

Contributors of poetry included Peter Brodie, Sue Bursztynski, Moira Dahlberg, Ruth Dick-Smith, Fiona Ellem, Narrell Harris, Yvonne Hintz, Shayne McCormack, Susan Smith-Clarke, and Sheila Tracy.

Chronicles is included in the Susan Smith-Clarke Zine Collection at The National Library of Australia.

Susan Smith-Clarke also published the fanzines Beyond Antares and Medtrek.

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