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Cathy Buburuz is a small press editor, writer and artist.

Cathy Buburuz lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, with her husband and two children. She began to submit her art work to small press horror and weird fiction magazines in the 1980s, where it began to appear as interior illustrations and on covers. In 1990, she published, with co-editor Randy Nakoneshny, the literary horror zine Champagne Horror, and began writing her own horror tales. Although she did not release any further issues of Champagne Horror, in 2005, Cathy Buburuz began publishing the e-sine Champagne Shivers yearly. Five issues appeared, the last in 2009.

She continues to illustrate horror and weird fiction stories and poetry, while also writing and editing.


  • Side Show: Tales of the Big Top and the Bizarre, an anthology edited by Cathy Buburuz, published by Sam's Dot Publishing, 2003.



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