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*[http://www.sushipop.net/ Katy Stevens' website]
*[http://www.sushipop.net/ Katy Stevens' website]
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[[Category:Zine]] [[Category: Zines from Australia]] [[Category:Film Zines]] [[Category:2000's publications]]

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Cathexis is an Australian film zine by Katy Stevens and Beth Taylor.


Issue 1

  • film theory
  • sound in horror cinema; wierd, intense guys in film; Hal Hartley and performative style; authorship ... & more
  • A5; black and white; 24 pages

Issue 2

  • mini zine
  • sound theory
  • voice in cinema; body of the listener; acoustic weaponry
  • A6 ; black and white; 16 pages


Email: cathexis@sushipop.net

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