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Cashiers du Cinemart is a zine based in Detroit, Michigan.

Started in 1994 by Mike White, it was originally a cut and paste zine done on a Smith Corona word processor. It went to DTP with the sixth issue, to a more professional format with the seventh issue, and to its current form with the eleventh issue. Often called "CdC" for short, this magazine may look more professional than it used to, but it still holds on tight to its grass roots. There is little continuity in content from issue to issue.

The title is a parody of French journal Cahiers du Cinéma.

Cashiers du Cinemart focuses on film (primarily), but also books, music, and other pop culture items. Some have described it as "a thinking person's Entertainment Weekly" while The Factsheet Five Zine Reader called it "the magazine Film Threat wishes it was."

Selections from Cashiers du Cinemart were reprinted in volume nine of Zine Yearbook, released in 2008.

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