Caroline Azar

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Caroline Azar on the cover of Bimbox #5

Caroline Azar is a zine editor from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Her first zine, released in the 1980's, was Hide, a multi media publication released in both print and audio cassette format. The zine and cassette featured music that ranged from punk to experimental compositions in both electronic and other forms. Six issues were released.

Her next zine was Double Bill, a collaboration between editors Jena von Brücker, Johnny Noxzema, Rex, and G.B. Jones. Double Bill was published from 1991 till 2001, and five issues were released. The zine was based on the notion that actor Bill Conrad (of tv and movie fame) was at war with author Bill Burroughs (the beat writer of Naked Lunch and other novels) and termed a 'hate-zine' as opposed to 'fanzine'. During this time the editors collectively contributed to Girl Germs.

Caroline Azar was also the lead singer and keyboardist for the band Fifth Column, which released many recordings between during the 1980s till 2002. She was also an actress, starring in several films, including those of fellow bandmate and zine editor G.B. Jones. As well, she is a playwright, who has produced a number of plays and acted in many others.

Caroline Azar had appeared in many zines, either being interviewed for the band Fifth Column, or for her films, plays, and zines. She has been featured in zines such as Q.T., was interviewed for Fuh Cole, and featured on the cover of Bimbox issue 5.