Carefully Sedated

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Carefully Sedated was a science fiction fanzine by Catherine Crockett and Alan Rosenthal.

Carefully Sedated was published in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The first issue appeared in April 1983, and the last issue, 4.5, in August 1986.

The two editors both wrote editorials, accompanied by writing contributed by Robert Atwood, John Berry (Pot Pourri, The Damned Patrol), Do-Ming Lum, D.A. Rafferty, Roldo, and Taral Wayne (DNQ). The article, "Tune In, Turn On, and Fall Out" by Taral Wayne was later reprinted in WCSFAzine.

Contributors of artwork included Roldo (cover #2), Al Sirois (cover #3), and Taral Wayne (cover #4).

Letters came from Walt Willis (Hyphen).

Later, Catherine Crockett, with Colin Hinz, published the fanzine Twenty Three Skidoo.