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Carandaith is a science fiction and fantasy fanzine edited by Alpajpuri and produced by the Australian Tolkien Society.

Alpajpuri (aka Paul Novitski) was a well known science fiction and fantasy fan artist . He edited his fanzine Carandaith in number of locations, including Vashon, Washington, Eugene Oregon, and Fairfax, California, U.S.A. The content was largely devoted to JRR Tolkien, but also included articles on science fiction and fantasy fandom.

Issue 1, published July 1968, included a review of the record Poems and Songs of Middle-earth by F. Woods, and articles on aspects of Tolkien's novels, by Alpajpuri.

Issue 2, released February 1969, featured an article by Daphne Castell entitled "The Realms of Tolkien', which included extracts from an interview with Tolkien, and "Translation from the Elvish" by Alpajpuri.

Issue 7 included George Barr writing on the importance of fan art; Arnie Katz writing on the origin of present day fanzines, and editorials by Alpajpuri.

Contributions of art work came from Grant Canfield, Cathy Hill, Jay Kinney, Tim Kirk, Doug Lovenstein, David Policansky, and Jim Shull.