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Camber was a science fiction fanzine by Alan Dodd.

The first two issues of Camber were edited by Fred Robinson of Cardiff, Wales, who had previously published Straight Up. The first issue appeared in the Summer of 1953. After the release of issue two, in 1953, he passed the editorship of the fanzine to Alan Dodd of Hertfordshire, England, who continued to release Camber until June, 1964, when issue 14, the last issue, was published.

Contributors included Alvar Appeltoft, Ron Bennett (Ploy), John Berry (Pot Pourri), Terry Carr (Innuendo, Klein Bottle), Robert Coulson (Yandro), and Warren Link.

Fiction was contributed by Dave Jenrette, and Michael Moorcock (A Fanzine Named Eustace.

The comic strip "Dodd's Fan-Dome" was by George Metzger.

Artwork was contributed by Jim Cawthorn, among others.

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