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Cadillac Girl zine is a perzine created under the name Alice B, but Mel is the writer and creator's real name,

It was started in 2004, and now six years later it's starting back up again.

Issue 1: This issue contains the writer's thoughts and experiences, like quitting her waitressing job and her mother going to prison. It also includes art work and inserts from others like a poem titled 'The Story of a Girl'.

Issue 2: In this issue Mel deals with a bad break up and confusion. Poems and inserts from contributors about poverty, insecurities, and a 'Rushed Girl's Wish list'.

Issue 3: Issue three is the newest issue, and was released in June 2012. It is about how the writer's life has changed in the past six years since the last time Cadillac Girl was published; being a mother, a wife, and finding myself again.


  • P.O. Box 759, Keyport NJ 07735

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