Brik a Brak

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Hailing from Santa Cruz, CA, U.S.A., Brikabrak was a zine that existed from 1992-1997, publishing a total of 7 issues. In 2009 Brian and Eric reunited to create Brikabrak #8, the "Old" issue.

Brikabrak #1: 1992. The dorm issue.
Brikabrak #2: 1993. The breakup of the team. First review in MRR.
Brikabrak #3: 1993. More of the same.
Brikabrak #4: 1994. Special pop-up centerfold.
Brikabrak #5: 1995. The double sized shark issue. 3 color cover. Brikabrak headquarters moved to "The Matterhorn".
Brikabrak #6: 1996. The "slick" issue. Silk screened acetate cover.
Brikabrak #7: 1997. The camping issue. Mini sized.
Brikabrak #8: 2009. The "Old" issue.

Also known as "Brik-a-brak" or "Brik a Brak".