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[[Image:Bleeding Swans cover 150dpi.JPG|frame|'''Bleeding Swans''']]
[[Image:Bleeding Swans cover 150dpi.JPG|frame|]]
'''Bleeding Swans''' is a music zine from Arizona.
'''Bleeding Swans''' is a music zine from Arizona.

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Bleeding Swans cover 150dpi.JPG

Bleeding Swans is a music zine from Arizona.

Released in the 1990's, Bleeding Swans is a cut and paste publication put together by Jason Colgin, with the help of a number of contributors, who came from different parts of Arizona. Two issues emerged and the focus was on alternative, punk, grunge and garage music.

Issue One featured articles on Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Sonic Youth , The Fall and a critical history of the Manson Family.

Issue Two included a feature interview with Fifth Column, who also appeared on the cover, and interviews with Today Is The Day, and Elastic Purejoy, an interview with Jim and Debbie Goad, as well as a continuation of the critical history of Manson.

Both issues also included many reviews of both live and recorded music and zine reviews, as well as illustrations, poetry, and reworked ads and new items.