Bleak December

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Bleak December
Issue 8 1976

Bleak December was a genre poetry zine by Jim Dapkus.

Bleak December described itself as a "journal devoted to weird, fantasy, science fiction and epic verse". It was published in Coloma, Wisconsin, U.S.A. in the 1970s. Issue 8 was released in 1976.

Contributors included Daniel Bailey, Henry A. Beller, G. Sutton Breiding (The Punk-Surrealist Cafe), Joseph Payne Brenner (Macabre, Essence), Steve Eng as 'John Bredon', Michael Fantina, W. Paul Ganley (Eerie Country), R. Bruce Goble, Gary Gygax, Marci Helms, Ira Herman, William Davis Manly, Terry R. Meyer, Gregory E. Nicoll, Fred Phillips, Jim Pianfetti, Jessica Amanda Salmonson (Fantasy Macabre), Walter Shedlofsky (Inner Circle), Richhard L. Tierney, and Neal Wilgus.

Illustrations were by Jim Dapkus.

Jim Dapkus was also a contributor to the Esoteric Order of Dagon APA.