Black Harvest

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Black Harvest is an Industrial music zine published by Tony.

Six issues of this zine devoted to Industrial and goth music have appeared so far. The zine is edited by Tony, with Squeeky Pete listed as deputy editor. It features interviews and profiles of musicians as well as articles on topics of interest to its readership.

Issues four to six are still available, but previous issues have been discontinued.


Issue #6: Death In June, Con-Dom, Whitehouse, Never Presence Forever

Issue #5: The Grey Wolves, Von Thronstahl, Reborn Beton, Katscan

Issue #4: Assemblage 23, Noisex, Project-X, Attrition, In Strict Confidence

Issue#3: Jarboe, Sneaky Bat Machine, Covenant, Putra Chic

Issue#2: Spahn Ranch, Narcissus Pool, Faithful Dawn

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