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*[[The Best of Fandom 1958]]
*[[The Best of Fandom 1958]]
*[[Double: Bill]]
*[[Double: Bill]]

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Bjo Trimble

Bjo Trimble (nee Wells) is a fanzine editor and artist.

She first encountered science fiction fandom as Bjo Wells at ChiCon, the 1952 World SF Convention in Chicago. As Arnie Katz relates the story, she didn't like what she saw and was headed out the door when she ran into Shelby Vick, editor of Confusion, who soon changed her opinion of the event now that she had found a friendly face.

By the late 1950s, she had brought together a group of LASFS members to form a repertory company called Unicorn Productions which made two fan films for conventions written by Lee Jacobs, called The Genie and The Mesquite Kid, in which she costarred with Forrest J. Ackerman, Charles Burbee, Terry Carr and Miri Carr.

Her first involvement with fanzines came when she and husband John Trimble began co-editing Shangri L'Affaires, the official publication for the Los Angeles Science Fiction Society (LASFS), for the years 1960 and 1961.

In March 1961, she released Bjottings through OMPA.

She has done illustrations and cartoons for a number of fanzines, as well as covers.

As well, she organized some of the first art shows for science fiction conventions.

She is probably now best known for her involvement in Star Trek fandom.