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*[http://bettypaginated.blogspot.com/ ''Betty paginated'' blog]
*[http://bettypaginated.blogspot.com/ ''Betty paginated'' blog]
[[Category:Zine]] [[Category:Zines from Australia]] [[Category:South Australia Zines]] [[Category:1990's publications]] [[Category:2000's publications]]
[[Category:Zine]] [[Category:Zines from Australia]] [[Category:South Australia Zines]] [[Category:New South Wales Zines]] [[Category:1990's publications]] [[Category:2000's publications]]

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Betty paginated (Lyrup, S.Aust.: [D. Lennard].1996-) is a zine focusing on female erotica.

Contact: Dann Lennard at PO Box A1412, Sydney South, NSW, 1235, AUSTRALIA; or danhelen[at]idx.com.au

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