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beter! magazine is self-described "A.D.D induced rants,comics,doodles,essays,and art on the the terrors of high school life in a small town,pop culture,the underground music scene and pro-wrestling". better! magazine originally started as project in the summer of 2006 by New Baltimore, Michigan locals Cee.Jacob.Cee and Salvador M. Caramagno,fueld by a love of Dan Clowes,Jack Kerouac,D.I.Y culture,Kevin Smith,Sonic Youth, and the Adult Swim line up as well as a hate for,teenage stupidity,and snobby "hipsters".The project was abandend a month later after the two had grown bored, only to be revamped in September 2006 by Salvador M. Caramagno after being influenced by the brilliant mini-comic "Satur-Nite" by his friend(Cee.Jacob.Cee).After issue #1,Kyle Davis(a memeber of several local bands),Muskrat(his two favorite bands are the smiths and iron maiden), & Adam Nagy(talented local punk & alternative cartoonist known for his comics) helped put a new spin on better! magazine,(as well as turning it into more of a group effort,giving it more variety and making for a much more entertaining read) with Cee.Jacob.Cee and Salvaor M. Caramagno turning it into the product of a group of bored teenage friends.better! magazine is very sloppy and features pieces about wrestling,music, and teenage life in a small town.Issue #11 was entirely about teen crushes and rock group KISS, in honor of Valentine's day.better! magazine usually sells for one dollar but the "better! crew" likes it more when you trade them homemade mixtapes and other zines for issues of better! magazine.there are currently #13 issues in print and better! is still up and running hoping to meet other zinesters,get their word out,as well as get some mixtapes.

contact better! magazine at.......



salvador 31683 twin oaks, New Baltimore,Michigan 48047 U.S.A

send them your zines,a dollar,or a mixtape in exchange for back issues remember to send a note telling which issue you want